Overview of iOS 17.2 Release Candidate

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Apple has recently seeded the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate (RC), a significant update that is now accessible to developers and public beta testers. This update, weighing in at 6.39 GB, is anticipated to be the final version before the official release and is part of a series of updates including iPad OS 17.2 RC and Watch OS 10.2 RC.

iOS 17.2 Release Candidate

Key Updates and New Features

Central to this update are improvements in modem software. Users on earlier beta versions will maintain their current modem configurations, while those upgrading from the public version will receive an updated modem, ensuring better connectivity and performance.

Personalization is a key aspect of this update, with the introduction of customizable default alert tones. This feature allows you to add a personal touch to your devices, making the user experience more intimate and customized.

A notable addition in this update is the Journal app. This innovative application enables you to create digital journals that reflect your life experiences, including visits to various places and your music preferences. The app offers intuitive suggestions and provides you with control over your information sharing settings, allowing you to balance between personalization and privacy.

Music and camera functionalities have received significant upgrades. The update replaces the collaborative playlist with a new favorite songs playlist, changing the way you listen to your music. Apple Music now offers recommendations and mixes based on your listening histories, simplifying your music discovery. Camera settings have been augmented with a spatial video option, allowing you to record videos with a sense of depth, although availability may vary across devices.

The Messages app has also been enhanced. It now includes a new arrow feature to help you catch up on conversations easily. A sticker option has been added to the context menu, and you can now customize the body of your memoji. The app also introduces sensitive content warnings for stickers and a contact key verification feature, for better security and user control.

The Weather app and Airdrop feature have also been enhanced. The Weather app now includes an interactive moon calendar and a more detailed forecast feature. Airdrop’s functionality has been improved, allowing for broader information sharing returning ability to use cellular data when Wi-Fi is out of range.

In terms of physical features, the update brings support for the Qi2 wireless charging standard to iPhone 13 and 14 models, a feature not available in iPhone 12 models. This move towards an efficient wireless charging technology is a step towards uniformity across devices.

Lastly, the update includes enhanced PDF support, new autofill options from contacts, additional keyboard support, and an update that allows Siri to access health information, further enriching the iOS ecosystem.

Performance and Battery Life

The update has been noted for its smooth and fast performance. Users have reported a seamless experience across various applications, with quick response times and efficient operation. The battery performance, while still under observation, shows promising signs of stability and longevity.


The iOS 17.2 RC is a robust update, bringing lots of new features and improvements. From the Journal app to the advanced camera settings and the introduction of the Qi2 wireless charging standard, this update is set to enhance the user experience significantly. With its focus on customization, security, and efficiency, iOS 17.2 RC is a testament to Apple’s commitme

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