Revolutionary Changes and Advancements Expected for the M3 iPad Pro

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Expected to launch in Spring 2024, the M3 iPad Pro is set to redefine the tablet experience with a host of innovative features and enhancements. The forthcoming device is expected to introduce a new era of display technology, a slimmer design, larger displays, and a host of other innovative features.

apple's m3 iPad pro leaks and rumors

Hybrid Dual OLED Display

The M3 iPad Pro is expected to introduce a groundbreaking hybrid dual OLED display. This innovative technology involves stacking two OLED displays on top of each other, doubling the brightness while maintaining the pure black contrast levels and vibrant colors characteristic of OLED displays. This new display technology will also be thinner, thanks to a combination of flexible and rigid OLED tech.

Slimmer and Larger

The new iPad Pros are expected to be even thinner than their predecessors. The slimness is not limited by the chip or batteries, but by the LCD display panel and its many layers. The new OLED display will be much thinner, making the new iPad Pro sleeker and more portable.

In addition to being slimmer, the new iPad Pros are expected to feature larger displays, measuring 11.1 and 13 inches. The actual size of the iPad chassis is likely to remain the same, with Apple reducing the bezels to accommodate the larger display.

The Power of the M3 Chip

The M3 chip in the new iPad Pro is expected to offer significant performance gains while using less power, improving battery life. The M3 chip will be the first in the series to be built on TSMC’s brand new three-nanometer technology, which features a significant advancement in performance per watt.

MagSafe and Reverse Wireless Charging

The M3 iPad Pro is expected to introduce MagSafe wireless charging. Users will be able to charge their iPad Pro using a MagSafe puck, making it super convenient to use the iPad with MagSafe stands, which will automatically recharge the device while it’s mounted.

In addition to MagSafe charging, the M3 iPad Pro is also expected to feature reverse wireless charging. This feature will allow users to charge other devices by simply magnetically attaching them to the back of the iPad Pro.

Landscape FaceTime Camera and Apple Pencil 3

The new M3 iPad Pro is expected to feature a landscape FaceTime camera. This change will address the awkwardness of looking off to the side during FaceTime calls, a common issue with the current portrait camera orientation.

The M3 iPad Pro is expected to come with a new Apple Pencil 3. While it may look similar to the current Apple Pencil, it’s expected to be shorter and feature relocated or split magnetic charging areas.

A New 4-Pin SMART Connector and Redesign

Leaks suggest that the M3 iPad Pro will feature a new 4-pin SMART connector. This connector is expected to power even higher power accessories than what’s currently supported by the existing 3-pin SMART connector.

Finally, the M3 iPad Pro is expected to undergo some sort of redesign. While the bezels are expected to be thinner, the actual chassis could likely remain the same. However, Apple may introduce a rounded edge design, move certain components around, or even add a glass panel to the back to support the MagSafe charging feature.

With its host of innovative features and enhancements, the M3 iPad Pro promises to redefine the tablet experience and set a new standard in the tablet market.

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