Will Apple Break Tradition with No October Event in 2023? Here’s What Experts Predict.

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Apple, known for its meticulously timed product launches, has historically held several events throughout the year to unveil its latest devices and innovations. These have typically included a spring event, the WWDC keynote in June, the fall iPhone release, and occasionally an October event spotlighting Macs and/or iPads. This pattern, however, isn’t set in stone, as Apple’s track record has shown.

will apple break tradition with no october event in 2023?

The Apple Calendar of Product Releases

As we’ve seen in the past, Apple tends to have a strategic calendar of events:

  • Spring (March or April): Apple’s spring event.
  • June: WWDC keynote.
  • September: Primarily dedicated to the iPhone release. This year, we saw the debut of the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and the Ultra 2.
  • October (occasionally): Historically, this has been reserved for the announcement of new iPads, Macs, and sometimes AirPods.

Given the recent September releases, is Apple done for 2023?

To Event or Not to Event?

Over the past twelve years, Apple has held eight October events, demonstrating that it isn’t a guaranteed fixture. Data from previous years:

  1. 2021: October 18 event unveiling the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and third-gen AirPods.
  2. 2020: Event on October 13 introducing M1 versions of various devices.
  3. Other years like 2019, 2017, 2015, and 2022 saw no October events.

Speculations for 2023 hint towards Apple leaning against an October event. Although there are rumors about potential new products such as the iPad mini and an M3 iMac version, experts believe that neither may receive a grand event reception. Instead, Apple may opt for press releases for any remaining product announcements this year.

If, however, Apple surprises with an October event, it could possibly land on dates like October 17 or 24, with invitations going out at the beginning of the month. Typically, Apple events start at 10 am PT, spanning globally with corresponding time zones.

Anticipated Product Launches

Several experts, including the renowned analyst Mark Gurman, suggest Apple may not have a lineup sufficient for a dedicated October event. Instead, press releases might be the chosen method for any announcements. While Gurman anticipates the possible launch of devices powered by M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips, he doesn’t foresee these products making their way into consumers’ hands until 2024. On the same note, there is muted buzz about the second-generation AirPods Max, but a revamped Apple TV seems plausible.

Another valuable insight came from Apple’s CFO, Luca Maestri, during the August earnings call. He projected a dip in Mac and iPad revenue, hinting at a limited product launch for the holiday quarter. Despite speculations about minor iPad updates, significant innovations like the iPad Pro models equipped with OLED displays and M3 chips are not anticipated until 2024.

The Verdict

Considering the insights from various sources, it seems likely that Apple might not hold a grand October event in 2023. Instead, press releases may serve to announce any new products or updates. For ardent Apple fans and tech enthusiasts, the scene will unfold soon enough, confirming or contradicting current predictions. Whatever the case, Apple’s strategic product launches continue to be a focal point in the tech industry’s calendar.

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